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When we decided to set up our product in 2015, we had a list of principles that we all stood by.

Just over a year ago, we became fascinated by the idea of safety, and helping everyone around the world in all industries. We wanted to create a solution to an ever increasing safety risk – Slips and Falls. What happened next was the creation of our traction enhancing product that can be applied on all types of footwear. Now, with every step you take,we are there with you, keeping you safe and self assured on your journey, no matter where you live, work or play.

With the help of our advisors and workers, many small, medium and large companies were able to achieve the results, such as:

1) Increased worker Safety

2) Lower lost time accidents / compensation claims

3) Increased productivity and employee loyalty

Сore values

And our dedication to safety

Global Safety

Our strong conviction is to increase the safety for everyone, everywhere. Offering increased safety and performance with for every step you take.

Increased workplace safety

We recognize of the importance of a safe working environment for your employees and customers. Our product provides you the greatest opportunity to virtually eliminate the risk associated with slips and falls.

Fast paced diligence

Due diligence should be a priority for your business, but worker safety should be a top priority. We’re trying to deliver the most cost effective solution safety product in the industry. With using our product us, your business will be viewed as leader in safety.

Meet our

team members

Sean Patrick

Sean Patrick

Co-founder, managing all processes of the business.

Steve Renelli

Steve Renelli

Steve, investment partner, bringing years of business acumen for our company and product range.

Kimberley Wahamma

Kimberley Wahamma

Kimberley is a business strategist, and manages business development.

Karl Wirtz

Karl Wirtz

Karl – CEO of WG Pro-Manufacturing Inc. – Warehousing and distribution partner for North America. See https://www.wgcorporate.com/

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the most popular questions

Q: How exactly does KikStick Work ?



A:  KikStickTM is your answer to slip and fall issues. Once applied to your footwear, KikStickTM provided millions of nano-technology spikes per square inch on the sole of your running shoe, dress shoe, high heel, cowboy boots, rubber boots, work boots or other style of footwear.

Q: Sounds great! Is there anything it doesn't work on?



A: KikStickTM provides extra traction almost everywhere and on almost every type of shoe, boot or high heel.  The more flat areas on the sole of your desired footwear – the more traction you will receive. Work boots and flat soled dress shoes receive the most traction increase. Even on ice you will notice more traction but you will still need to be cautious as ice is very slippery. Since the millions of spikes are now on your show or boot – you are the source of your own traction. Be aware of your surroundings.



Q: But wait! I see some other companies selling anti-slip.



A: There is no question that this is true, however are you going to anti-slip everywhere you walk? These products are conventionally designed to be installed on certain style floors, and cannot be installed outdoors in the winter time. With KikStickTM having all shoes & boots treated will keep you safer no matter when you walk, run or jump.

Q: So when does it make sense to use KikStick ?

A: You can use KikStickTM on any type of shoe or boot or high heel – no matter how old or new your footwear is. Some older sandals and crocs and even shoes and boots flake when very old. While KikStickTM will still work on these older shoes / boots, if the sole of the sandal or shoe is falling apart and flakes, your millions of spikes per square inch will also be flaking off. KikStickTM longer term results work best with good condition footwear. Once installed, KikStickTM works for many months.

Q: What other benefits can I expect when using KikStick ?


A: We made a conscious decision to offer you more benefits of that just increasing your safety when using KikStickTM. All footwear treated with KikStickTM remains cleaner and free of most types of dirt / debris no matter where you walk, run or jump.


Q: I’m trying to decide if KikStick is worth the money. Convince me.


A: Time is money, and increased safety results in saving money and injury to you and your loved ones. KikStickTM saves you both, and the entry price is more than reasonable. The $29.99 you spend treats 4 + sets of shoes or boots, so you are only paying between $3.75 to $7.50 per your set of shoes, boots or heels depending on the size. This is a true bargain.
What else can you get for $30 nowadays that saves you time, money and injuries? (shoot us an email if you know of anything!) From the first moment you begin to use a KikStickTM, days of slips and sliding are virtually over. For many people, the satisfaction of increased safety and more traction is worth it alone. For others, its getting the value of keeping your shoe or boot very clean and in perfect condition. For others, its both the increased traction, time and injuries saved from all slips and falls and having super clean shoes and boots. $30 gets you a lot of things, but none that last, pay you back, and satisfy you like KikStickTM

Safety & The Environment

Q: Is KikStick safe on all surfaces?

A:  Absolutely! KikStickTM spiked surfaces is nano sized and safe to be walked on all surfaces, no matter how shiny or dull, inside and outdoors. Our product will not effect, or leave a scratch on any surface.

Q: The package says KikStick can be recycled. How so?

A: Plastics can be recycled, and KikStickTM comes in a plastic bottle. Also, after installing KikStickTM to your desired shoes and boots you can turn KikStickTM back into 100% water by simply adding tap water into the bag once complete with your shoes and boots. This water based liquid can now be safely emptied down your drain.

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