How It Works

KikStickTM allows you to easily increase the traction on all shoes, work boots, military boots, sandals, rubber boots, slippers high heels, boat shoes, free runner shoes, hiking shoes and much more. Once applied you will feel the extra grip only when needed as the technology activates when you require the extra traction.

Here is a look at the nanotechnology spikes that will be on the sole of the treated footwear:


Benefits include:

  • 98.7% water product
  • Quick & simple installation
  • Run Faster, Jump higher & further
  • Once applied, the traction will last 1 to +3 months depending on use
  • Repels dirt & debris
  • Millions of nano-spikes per square inch
  • Creates permanent spiked surface on all footwear
  • Sole of footwear will stay cleaner


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