The KikstickTM product increases traction on all surfaces from all types of floors to all types of footwear.

Product Features

  • Up to 200% more traction on dry surfaces
  • Up to 500% more on wet surfaces
  • Repels dirt and debris
  • Potential Insurance / WSIB savings for corporations / mining / military / businesses

Every 8 seconds someone is a victim of a Slip or a Fall. Slip and fall accidents are North America’s #2 accidental killer.

Our shoe / boot / heel treatment is your solution to dangerous, wet or slippery surfaces. Once installed, it reduces the risk of all dangerous slips and falls on any surface. According to the National Safety Council there are nine million disabling slip and fall injuries every year in North America resulting in 95 million lost workdays per year.

We help people and companies to fulfill their due diligence to ensure the safety of all their staff. After Kikstick TM is applied; all risks and dangers of slips and falls, the resulting potential for injury, lawsuits, litigation costs, employee days lost, and fatal falls are greatly reduced because of the enhanced traction on all surfaces.

KikstickTM offers the convenience of providing all of your shoes, boots, and heels with enhanced grip and traction no matter where you walk, run or play. Packaged with a quick and simple 3 step process; any¬one can now increase their safety, grip and traction in the comfort of their own home without the cost and hassle of purchasing any other type of shoe or boot offering extra grip.